Tuesday, December 1, 2009

- The Thoughts...

- Hello world i've been thinkin how i want to wrk on this blogg ..
and i've realized what i want to do ...
 i want to record my life as much as i can and so here i go ..

 hopefully you can come along for the ride with me...
trying to make it day by day and that real rapp...
so i want to start off with what i been thinkin about for a while...

so i have this boyfriend.. his name is Dutch well thats what  everyone calls him and hes a rapper..
yeah  iknw it sounds typical butt he has real talent like forreal
(and its not juss cuzz he's the bf)
but because he really does have talent.
 he is rapping with this unsigned group called
Yadigg ENT.
and they are good they consist of quite a few pplz but i personally only think that there is only four good rappers in this whole group ....
 -Dutch (n.philly_

now im not the only one that think that only theses four are the best in the group..
there are many fans .. that think the same .. so how do i tell my boyfriend that these four should go off and do their own thing???
i feel as if they cut loose all the old baggage then they would be able to get signed.. well also if they had better managment... what should i do how should i approach??

 i've talked to him about juss going off by himself and going big by himself.. but hwe claims that he dos'nt want to cuz  he wants to win with his bro's ..... well i think he should get big and then bring the team with him...

something like young money and wayne ...*hint..hint

well if you could help and let me know how i should come to him about this it would be great... thankx loves



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