Wednesday, December 16, 2009


-- im effin pissed about this whole chris brown thing...
like why is he getting this negative feedback. he did what he had to do from the whole rihanna situation.. he did his community service he has no other bad traits..and has been the same ol' chris as he was wen he cam out so why is his cd's not put on the shelf???
--is there a real reason?? i dont think so .. ppl dont like him over this one thing..Ike used to hit tina all the time..if i remember...
--tyson hit his girl to if i remember.. but here we are chris cant get his album on the shelf..
--ugh effin assholes!!!
--what do you think abou this whole chris brown thing??
-- do you think that canceling his twitter was to extreme and unfair for his fans???
let me know much love


p.s his glasses are cute...bahaha


  1. idk i think people need to get over it because he freakin already apologized 349053480593 times and people need to just GTFO it

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