Wednesday, December 16, 2009


-- im effin pissed about this whole chris brown thing...
like why is he getting this negative feedback. he did what he had to do from the whole rihanna situation.. he did his community service he has no other bad traits..and has been the same ol' chris as he was wen he cam out so why is his cd's not put on the shelf???
--is there a real reason?? i dont think so .. ppl dont like him over this one thing..Ike used to hit tina all the time..if i remember...
--tyson hit his girl to if i remember.. but here we are chris cant get his album on the shelf..
--ugh effin assholes!!!
--what do you think abou this whole chris brown thing??
-- do you think that canceling his twitter was to extreme and unfair for his fans???
let me know much love


p.s his glasses are cute...bahaha

Nat.. did she over do it????

--So as everyone knows i am a fan of Nat .. on the show bad girls but.. she is a mess sometimes.. Kendra should have never toke her back in the house...
Kendra is  a dumbass....bahahah i wouldnt let that bxtch in the house if that was me and i like the girl...
thats funny...
-- but Nat deserves this fight thats coming up in the next episode...she shouldnt talk about ppls kids...
lol stay tuned.. look it up for the times so you can watch it.. def a must airs on tuesdays on oxygen...
watch next week everyone....they both got them thangs.. should be a good fight...

Friday, December 11, 2009

....Nicki mINAJ && MY MOMMY

... i just found out the coolest thing ever.. my mom and Nicki Minaj share the same Bday thats real cute i think two badd bxtchs sharing a day ...luvv it !!!!

-I Love you MoMMY!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BADY AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!


- okay so its been awhile but omg that second show was real good .. so you all know that natalie is going to get kicked off the show cuzz those females hate her AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE HER A 2ND CHANCE (you would be a lil slow to think that ...kendra is scared... lol Nat told her that she shouldn't touch her or talk to her.. she crossed the line...).. oh gosh i love the girl to me she makes the show when she leaves im not going to watch it cuz .. we all know the life of the party is going to be gone.. :( so sad really.. but i think she is going to come back and cause one more seen and ya'll know its what we've all been waiting for ... the Portia .vs. Natalie .. oh this is going to be a good fight... df.. form the lil clip that it does show it looks like port. ran up on nat from the behind overpower her for a lil while .. then nat.. start taggin that funny..
- but i think that the fight is all going to start because nat is going to end up fighting the white girl with the big nose... she's a nonamer.. she's lame.. lol and portia is just going to derfend  her... idk we sha'll seee nxt week right???
  lol tell me what ya'll think about that..

love you for reading!!!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Badd Girls Club// Really BADD GIRLS??

- okay so we all know and have watched .. bad girls club
 and i don't know about ya'll but to me the girls were never really that bad... lol i mean yeah they liekd to drink party and have sex but to me thats just a crazy drunk slut.. noy tech not a bad girl i do't think so i was surprised when i tuned into the new season( you know i had to check it out) and it was really good... there are girls that are instagators, that talk s**t , and they talk but they back it up !!! yess girls that back it up!!! on
- also i don't think anyone is going to get kicked off this season for fighting like they usaully do and fill that spot in with a new girl.. they are all atying this time fightinig or no fighting. so maybe new producers?? more relaxed and ready to let us see the raw and nitty gritty..

-now on the first episode ther ewas a fight ... shown two black girls Nat which is the one with a long Jay Leno chin and Portia The dark chocolate with the verythin eyebrows.. and suprisingly for them to both say they are bad girls and they will just snapp they actually bakkd it up.. they both were good with the hands...

-Def a must watch tune in you guys def. to be more to talk about.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

- The Thoughts...

- Hello world i've been thinkin how i want to wrk on this blogg ..
and i've realized what i want to do ...
 i want to record my life as much as i can and so here i go ..

 hopefully you can come along for the ride with me...
trying to make it day by day and that real rapp...
so i want to start off with what i been thinkin about for a while...

so i have this boyfriend.. his name is Dutch well thats what  everyone calls him and hes a rapper..
yeah  iknw it sounds typical butt he has real talent like forreal
(and its not juss cuzz he's the bf)
but because he really does have talent.
 he is rapping with this unsigned group called
Yadigg ENT.
and they are good they consist of quite a few pplz but i personally only think that there is only four good rappers in this whole group ....
 -Dutch (n.philly_

now im not the only one that think that only theses four are the best in the group..
there are many fans .. that think the same .. so how do i tell my boyfriend that these four should go off and do their own thing???
i feel as if they cut loose all the old baggage then they would be able to get signed.. well also if they had better managment... what should i do how should i approach??

 i've talked to him about juss going off by himself and going big by himself.. but hwe claims that he dos'nt want to cuz  he wants to win with his bro's ..... well i think he should get big and then bring the team with him...

something like young money and wayne ...*hint..hint

well if you could help and let me know how i should come to him about this it would be great... thankx loves


Thursday, November 19, 2009

-Tila Rantin && Going Crazy????

- So tila tequila the famous bi-sexual hottie just went  nutts or so I think she has
 - You can see er ranting and going crazy NAKED on her Ustream talking about everything  from her pending case with NFL player Shawn Merriman, and her being said to be a celebrity whore..This rant goes on for hours.. she said that the reason that she is naked so much because she is comfortable with her body and that she loves herself and anyone that can't deal with that is gay and lame.. and she also said that this is going to be her last Ustarem .. really Tila??? lol lets see how long this last.
- Telia I love you so much I'm actually a fan I watched both seasons of her show I prolly have a small girl crush on her but girl you are doiing way to much just sit and chill for awhile.. this case with shawn deal with that and maybe you should really make this your last Ustream....
- Well I hope you get better and figure things out ilym tho!!!

-I would like to know what you guys think ..
* Do you think Telia is a Celebrity Whore?

Let me know love you guys !