Friday, December 4, 2009

Badd Girls Club// Really BADD GIRLS??

- okay so we all know and have watched .. bad girls club
 and i don't know about ya'll but to me the girls were never really that bad... lol i mean yeah they liekd to drink party and have sex but to me thats just a crazy drunk slut.. noy tech not a bad girl i do't think so i was surprised when i tuned into the new season( you know i had to check it out) and it was really good... there are girls that are instagators, that talk s**t , and they talk but they back it up !!! yess girls that back it up!!! on
- also i don't think anyone is going to get kicked off this season for fighting like they usaully do and fill that spot in with a new girl.. they are all atying this time fightinig or no fighting. so maybe new producers?? more relaxed and ready to let us see the raw and nitty gritty..

-now on the first episode ther ewas a fight ... shown two black girls Nat which is the one with a long Jay Leno chin and Portia The dark chocolate with the verythin eyebrows.. and suprisingly for them to both say they are bad girls and they will just snapp they actually bakkd it up.. they both were good with the hands...

-Def a must watch tune in you guys def. to be more to talk about.


  1. ive never watched it but i need to everyone talks about it!

  2. love this show!
    cant wait for the next ep!

    dont 4get to follow me back!!

    much love.,


    *brown is beautifuL*


  3. i cant wait to wactch it! Can u say CRAZY DRAMA!!!

  4. Watching this show makes me feel so sane ahhahaha stupid mindless reality drama, cant really get enough of it.