Friday, December 11, 2009


- okay so its been awhile but omg that second show was real good .. so you all know that natalie is going to get kicked off the show cuzz those females hate her AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE HER A 2ND CHANCE (you would be a lil slow to think that ...kendra is scared... lol Nat told her that she shouldn't touch her or talk to her.. she crossed the line...).. oh gosh i love the girl to me she makes the show when she leaves im not going to watch it cuz .. we all know the life of the party is going to be gone.. :( so sad really.. but i think she is going to come back and cause one more seen and ya'll know its what we've all been waiting for ... the Portia .vs. Natalie .. oh this is going to be a good fight... df.. form the lil clip that it does show it looks like port. ran up on nat from the behind overpower her for a lil while .. then nat.. start taggin that funny..
- but i think that the fight is all going to start because nat is going to end up fighting the white girl with the big nose... she's a nonamer.. she's lame.. lol and portia is just going to derfend  her... idk we sha'll seee nxt week right???
  lol tell me what ya'll think about that..

love you for reading!!!


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