Thursday, November 19, 2009

-Tila Rantin && Going Crazy????

- So tila tequila the famous bi-sexual hottie just went  nutts or so I think she has
 - You can see er ranting and going crazy NAKED on her Ustream talking about everything  from her pending case with NFL player Shawn Merriman, and her being said to be a celebrity whore..This rant goes on for hours.. she said that the reason that she is naked so much because she is comfortable with her body and that she loves herself and anyone that can't deal with that is gay and lame.. and she also said that this is going to be her last Ustarem .. really Tila??? lol lets see how long this last.
- Telia I love you so much I'm actually a fan I watched both seasons of her show I prolly have a small girl crush on her but girl you are doiing way to much just sit and chill for awhile.. this case with shawn deal with that and maybe you should really make this your last Ustream....
- Well I hope you get better and figure things out ilym tho!!!

-I would like to know what you guys think ..
* Do you think Telia is a Celebrity Whore?

Let me know love you guys !


Friday, November 13, 2009

-New Vibe Cover Goes to Drake???

- So we all know that Vibe one of the best entertainment Magz has been affected by the reccesion and has been put out of business.. there has been loads of rumors on if the Mag was going to come back and the answer is YES!!!
-And guess who is rockin' the front cover?? The one and only Drizzy Drake
-Drake is known to be in Young Money camp as their up and coming rap star with mixtapes with Wayne and features with almost everyone in the music world
-He is also coming out with a mixtape " HeartBreak Drake 3" That is supposed to be all of the talk in town.
-Is this young and budding star ready for the flashing lights and fame ??
-I  myself think that Drake is way before his time I'm a huge Drake fan. He is very talented he knows how to work his words and metaphores that it could take you to another world. And have you feeling as if you know him personally and I think thats what we all look for  in a artist..... I hope everthing works out in his benifit...
Tell me what you think you guys, would love to here your opinion on all of thisss...



Thursday, November 12, 2009

-What Lola A Rapper????

-Can I say that I love Angle Lola Love, but i heard that she raps and that toke me way off gaurd... so like a good girlie I looked her up and low and behold she has a mix tape with one of the best female rappers in the game Mrs.Nicki Minaj. Now going up against Nicki I would think that she would'nt be able to keep up with her but she holds her own!!! She gets grimey and dirty with Nicki she dosn't hold anything back...and thats Legit I think. she has 4 good mixtapes...well you won't die listening to them at least I didn'

-Nicki Minaj vs Lola Monroe: Who gets the crown?
-Bo$$ Bitche's World
-The Art Of Motivation
&& last but not least
-The Barbie and The Bosset

- I think that they are pretty good myself but she def. is no Nicki Minaj but she up there she could round out my top three fav female rappers.. welll give her a try... well til' later love ones