Thursday, November 12, 2009

-What Lola A Rapper????

-Can I say that I love Angle Lola Love, but i heard that she raps and that toke me way off gaurd... so like a good girlie I looked her up and low and behold she has a mix tape with one of the best female rappers in the game Mrs.Nicki Minaj. Now going up against Nicki I would think that she would'nt be able to keep up with her but she holds her own!!! She gets grimey and dirty with Nicki she dosn't hold anything back...and thats Legit I think. she has 4 good mixtapes...well you won't die listening to them at least I didn'

-Nicki Minaj vs Lola Monroe: Who gets the crown?
-Bo$$ Bitche's World
-The Art Of Motivation
&& last but not least
-The Barbie and The Bosset

- I think that they are pretty good myself but she def. is no Nicki Minaj but she up there she could round out my top three fav female rappers.. welll give her a try... well til' later love ones



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